Dragon Tackle International

Welcome to the Grando Flies website!

Welcome to the new Dragon Tackle/Grando Flies website. I hope this blog will give anglers, and the fishing tackle trade, an insight to who we are and what we can offer. Dragon Tackle is a trade only company, established in 1986 with our sister company in Kenya, aimed at supplying quality tied fishing flies to a world-wide market of wholesalers and distribution companies. By offering a comprehensive range of flies with a wide variety of packaging options, we have supplied fly ranges to some of the biggest brands in the industry, and many of the smaller ones too. It has proved a very successful business model for over three decades and due to the close relationship, we have with our clients and the number of bespoke custom patterns we produce, there has never been a need to develop a website. In fact, it would have been an obstacle because we never had the infrastructure to show anglers where exactly to buy our products. Even if we could show the patterns, they may not be available under our Dragon Tackle brand. Our trade has always come by referrals or word of mouth but in recent years we have seen a significant change as supply chains get shorter, communication gets faster and internet sales have overtaken traditional angling shop sales. Consequently, our business is continually evolving to adapt with the changing market. We employ a highly skilled team of fly tiers with experience of producing a huge variety of patterns for most species in most regions around the World. The flies shown on this website are only the models held in stock in the UK, but our portfolio includes many thousands of fly patterns made for specific customers with specific requirements.

Because we do not sell direct to the public, we rely on our network of retailers and distributors to offer the best possible range of flies to their own particular area or market, be that a retailer offering flies for a specific region, a mail order outlet requiring products suitably packaged for on-line sales or a distributor/wholesale company requiring a bespoke range of flies packaged under their own brand.

When we chose Dragon Tackle as company name all those years ago, it seemed a very appropriate choice considering our Welsh nationality and the focus of our core business being fishing flies. Oh, for the gift of foresight. How could we ever imagine how difficult it would be to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of Google and other search engines? Wales is full of Dragons, China has their fair share too and there are Dragonflies flying all over the world. The effort to climb up the Google ranking is monumental – and expensive. That’s another reason for not launching a website sooner and if I’m totally honest, it’s probably the main reason. We would just never get found.  Hence the reason this website is split into two different fly brands with Dragon Tackle flies being the original designs we have produced for so many years, and is the brand recognised throughout the European tackle trade as being reliable, good quality and sensibly priced.

Grando Flies is the next generation, and our way forward. With a specially selected production team, a focus on producing new modern designs and a very efficient packaging process, we are setting ourselves new goals. Watch this space!