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Fly Tying Materials

Fly Tying Stands with Fly Holders

Acrylic Fly stand plus 30 fly holders. This stand is perfect for fly dressers to mount their flies whilst waiting…

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UV SuperSoft Fritz

Grando SuperSoft UV is the same Supersoft material but with the addition UV filaments. These filaments transform invisible light from…

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Super Soft Fritz

Grando Supersoft Fritz is made from 15mm translucent nylon with filaments only 0.2mm wide and 0.02mm thick, twisted onto an…

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Fly Hooks

Our fly tying hooks have been tested for several years in our mainstream fly production. We are so impressed with…

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Fibre Lite

Fibre-Lite are 20cm fibres of 15 denier, highly reflective pearlescent tinsel. It is an extremely mobile material, making it ideal…

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Head Strong varnish has a light viscosity and penetrates deep into the tying thread making a totally secure bond. It…

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